Every year 200.000 racehorses have an unknown fate; the majority is going to the kill pens or straight to the slaughterhouse. Help me build a green and sustainable rescue and recovery center for these horses. Help me give these horses a second life in safe surroundings.

I seek funding to buy the horses free from their owner, and funding to build the facility to house them. But to save a horse you need to buy it from the owner who’s getting paid to slaughter the horse (the meat-price) which is about 300-600€/horse. I need funding for this.

Regarding the structure, my goal is to run a structure that can house 50 rescue-horses at a time. I need funding for this. At this moment I have gathered about 60% of the investment needed to launch this project.

All funds raised with will go straight to the startup of the structure and installations, but also purchase of the horses destined to be slaughtered. Examples of the expenses: remaining funds needed for the buildings, fences, boxes, showers, wood shavings, sand, water-facilities, training-facilities and everything that is needed to take care of horses like vaccines, covers for winter, hoof trims, grains etc.  

The world is rapidly changing and I think it is important to be visionary to assure that the horses remain safe even if the world should be changed. And it will help me keep the cost down for the daily care for the horses, so it’s a win-win plan.

The goal is to cover the whole structure in solar panels, and build the main buildings on top of huge underground tanks that recover filtered rain-water so we’ll be a green sustainable structure. We will also have a greenhouse to produce carrots, apples, garlic and beets all year round for the horses.

My focus is to provide care for the horses who often retire with medical issues both to the limbs, but also in their digestive systems.

Only through dedicated care and expert treatment can the horses regain their physical and mental strength, and become attractive for new potential owners.

After their reconversion/reformation is completed they will be sold to loving families and riders under a very strict contract that forbids the new owner to re-enter the horse in races, or send him to the slaughterhouse ever – it even forces the new owner to share news about the horse every year, to ensure the horses really get a great second chance in life.

I need you help now! The land is bought and the building-permits are under review. Any and all that wishes to donate or are more than welcome to come and visit anytime. We are placed in the most wonderful area of right-bank Bordeaux, surrounded by vineyards, and just a 15 minute drive from the medieval wine-city Saint-Émilion.

Once the structure is operational, 20% of the space will be rented and the facilities will be opened to the public for a small contribution to finance the daily work of rescuing these horses. We just need sufficient income, so that we do not have to rely permanently on charitable funding.

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I would like to offer a small token of gratitude for all donations. And to receive your gift, please send me an email at and I’ll make sure to uphold my end of the deal.


  • Donations 0-25€ - The Supporter of decency against animals - I hope you get a warm fuzzy feeling in your body that you helped a horse – you deserve it.
  • Donations 25-50€ - The Animal friend - A keychain is on its way to you soon!
  • Donations 50-500€- The Horse-lover – Your name will be forever engraved on the wall in our riding-hall as the horse-lover you are!
  • Donations 500-2000€ - The Activist – A bag full of merchandise, a horse-shoe from a horse we’ve saved together, your name on the wall and AND you get to name a horse’s new Alias - but choose something really cool
  • Donations 2000€+ - The Game changer – An invitation with a +1 for our opening dinner, where there will be a tour of the facility and lots of great local wine! (date will be set when construction is done) And we would love to have you name on our wall as well!


  • Donations 1000-7000€ - The company that cares a lot - Company logo/publicity on either an obstacle/jump or on the side of the riding arena.
  • Donations 7000+€ - The company that goes the extra mile for animals - Company logo/publicity on both an obstacle/jump and on the side of the riding arena, mention on all social medias and 4 invitations for our opening dinner, where there will be a tour of the facility and lots of great local wine! (date will be set when construction is done)

    I want to build a home for the horses that is green and sustainable.